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Therapy Services

Have you been avoiding fights with those close to you? Families adapting to their new lifestyle after having a kid(s), getting married, starting new relationships or even divorce, along with handling other life changes can be overwhelming. Do you feel like you're struggling to express yourself or trying not to blow up? Struggling to reconnect with yourself and each other, can be very painful, and it’s common for many couples, especially in the first few years. Unfortunately, many people learn to avoid all conflicts in relationships. This can lead to resentment, which can cause more recurrent arguments and lead to long-term problems.

The goal, particularly for families who are in the prenatal/postnatal stages of childbirth is to help rediscover who they are, understanding new roles and build self confidence. We’ll work through your patterns, and I’ll help you and your partner learn new ways to reconnect with yourself and each other again!

My goal is to create a supportive space where you feel both heard, understood, and challenged; while providing practical tools and insight-oriented feedback. I want to successfully help you reconnect with yourself. My approach is sincere, collaborative, and integrative. Contact me today for a free consultation and we’ll get started on your journey together!

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