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Beautify Your Belly

Celebrate your femininity and power with waist beads. 

Bump.Baby.Bliss. is now offering waist beads for you!

Why I Chose Waist Beads?

"I personally became interested in waist beads after having my second son. I felt like my body was just not as “sexy” as it once was. I can’t quite describe what I didn’t like but I just didn’t feel sexy. I randomly came across waist beads and then researched some history behind them and was amazed about what I learned and the many reasons and meanings women wore them. I later went shopping for some and my experience was gratifying. I really enjoyed getting fitted for my beads, picking out which ones resonated with me by the colors, style, vibe, etc. Once I got home, I just stared at myself in the mirror. I LOVED my belly! The way I felted and looked was amazing. It’s crazy all I needed was a little jewelry. I’m not sure if it’s because of what each strand meant to me, how beautiful they were, the way they laid across my belly or what. But my focus wasn’t on my stretch marks anymore. I started walking around nude, prancing around in just my undergarments, it was CLEAR that my confidence was boosted. I immediately thought WOW, if I felt that way about my body how can I make other women feel this way?! What about pregnant women? I know it can be a major adjustment when our bodies start to change when we are pregnant. I want women to adore their beautiful pregnant bodies. I want postpartum to not feel “unpretty” because of new scars or bloated-ness. I want women that haven’t had children to even feel the same way. We all have things about our bodies that we love; I just want to enhance that feeling.  Making waist beads give me a sense of peace and calmness. I love exploring my creativity and simplicity. Each strand is handcrafted with a personal touch and love." ~Courtney H.

I wanted to offer something for ALL women, especially pregnant women to embrace our bodies.  My waist beads are designed to beautify your waist and hips at all times. Waist beads liberate women by promoting healing, spirituality, personal power, balance, body shaping and more.

Pregnant ladies, understanding no pregnancy is the same and no postpartum body is the same; our bodies are always changing.  I want women to be able to look at their pregnant body with the sense of joy and confidence. I want women to be able to look at their postpartum body and feel beautiful; knowing that everything stems from our bodies, we create and house little ones.

Here are a few different reasons why women wear waist beads. What will be your reason?:


To wear in confidence and embrace your body especially during pregnancy. Some women adorn their waist and hips with beads simply as a fashion accessory. Women usually tie the beads higher around the midsection so that the beads show when they wear clothing that shows the section. Most women usually wear multiple strands and tie the beads to fall lower on the hips.

Weight Management

Monitor your weight-loss in general or post pregnancy. In African culture, waist beads are considered the original waist trainer because when worn around the waist they help to keep track of your weight loss efforts or maintain your current waist size. When you gain weight, waist beads will either roll up or pop. When you lose weight, they will fall lower. Although originated in Africa, Women across all ethnic backgrounds and faiths have enjoyed the divine benefits of wearing waist beads.

Womb Awareness

Womb Awareness is the conscious act of being aware of the sacred energy that you hold in your   sacred center. Whether you are trying to prepare your womb to be ready for childbirth or not, your womb is still the most sacred source of creation. Beautifying your waist and hips with beads help you to stay aware of your divine feminine. That awareness helps to bring forth the desires of your heart and soul.


Some women suffer from infertility, miscarriages, other womb complications. Waist beads can be worn for meditating over your body, healing and empowerment purposes. Your intention for wearing should be clear in your mind’s eye. Women who beautify themselves with waist beads for intentional purposes are likely to stay focused on the path, thing, or feeling that they are intending.


To show off and embrace your body or new postpartum body. Waist beads can be used to entice the likes of a lover and awaken the sexual passion inside of you. Women who adorn themselves with waist beads for aphrodisiac purposes will sometimes wear multiple strands, and occasionally add scented oils to them.

Color Vibration

“Through meditation and intent, you can use color to tune into the powers of the universe and bring balance into your life. When you adorn your waist and hips with color, you open yourself to radiate in the vibratory frequency that the color holds.”- The Venus Spot.

Below is a brief description of the frequency of each color:

  • White – Purifier, Cleanser, New Beginnings, Imagination

    • Chakra: Root

  • Pink – Affection, Optimism, Compassion, Love, Nurtures Romance, Femininity, Joy

    • Chakra: Heart

  • Yellow – Communication, Clear Thought, Creativity, Learning, Logic, Intellect, Personal Power, Transformation

    • Chakra: #3  – Solar Plexus

    • Governs: Elbow, Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen

  • Purple – Intuition, Deep Connections, Wisdom, Passion, Universal Flow, Spirituality, Compassion

    • Chakra: #6 – Crown

    • Governs: Head, Ears, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, Pituitary and Pineal Glands, Hypothalamus, Nervous System

  • Indigo – Spiritual Protection, Inner Vision, Perception

    • Chakra: Third Eye

  • Blue – Calm, Ease, Peace, Hope, Healing, Patience, Truth, Love, Honesty, Inner Peace, Expression

    • Chakra: # 5 – Throat

    • Governs: Throat, Neck and Shoulders, Thyroid, Larynx

  • Green – Rejuvenation, Health, Abundance, Nature, Balance, Harmony, Love, Fertility, Growth, Connecting

    • Chakra: Heart

    • Governs: Upper Arms, Heart, Lungs, Breasts, Thymus Gland, Circulatory System and Respiratory System

  • Orange – Digestion, Vitality, Luck, Magnetism, Creativity, Pleasure, Energy

    • Chakra: Sacral

  • Red – Energizer, Love, Passion, Strength, Power, Grounding, Stability, Courage

    • Chakra: Root

  • Gold – Success, Courage

    • Chakra: Etheral

  • Black – Centers the womb, All colors are born out of black, Power, Discipline, Elegance

    • Chakra: Root

             Reference —> Chakras Colors 


Waist beads can be used to symbolize the start of a new journey or a promise that you make to yourself. Women who wear waist beads for ceremonial purposes will choose a strand that resonates with the event.

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Care Tips:

All waist beads can be left on permanently or removed over the smallest part of your body CAREFULLY with help. Each strand is made with stretch cord and sealed together.

It is safe to keep on while showering, bathing, & swimming. Please rinse immediately after entering pool and beach water. Remember to always handle gently when removing clothes on and off.

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