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Placenta Encapsulation and Benefits 

Your placenta is full of good hormones and nutrients which are vital to postpartum healing and restoration. Ingesting it helps your body to regulate and transition after you’ve delivered your baby. The placenta is a beautiful organ that is responsible for growing a healthy baby. It’s also the only organ that grows within another organ. Amazing! Find out how placenta encapsulation can help you!

Placenta Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement

  • Decrease bleeding

  • Potentially increase energy

  • Decrease the risk of postpartum mood disorder

  • Increased breast milk production

  • Iron replenishment

  • Less anxiety

  • Lower chances of Postpartum Baby Blues, anxiety, and depression

  • And, so much more

What is a Placenta Encapsulator? 

Placenta encapsulators use several methods to turn the hormones, trace elements, stem cells, vitamins, and other placental nutrients into gentle maternal supplements. Placental remedies are part of the abundant provision of nature to support the vital and blissful state of bonding between mother and child; it supports postpartum energy, rejuvenation, and therapeutic rest.


Every single surface in our workspace is cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution and then again with soap and hot water prior to placenta preparation and then again after. We adhere to all OSHA and EPA standards for cleaning and disinfection to ensure each client stays safe.


Our Equipment

We use only disposable and medical grade stainless steel equipment. Our non-disposable equipment is immersed and scrubbed in hot soapy water, rinsed thoroughly, soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant for 20 minutes, and then rinsed and dried. This process is in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards and is intended to eliminate the transfer of bloodborne pathogens and STIs. We use disposable gloves, cutting boards, and aprons.


Traditional Chinese Method Capsules

After steaming over the herbs the placenta is sliced into strips, dehydrated, finely ground, and put into vegan capsules. In Chinese medicine, the process of labor and birth is believed to leave open, empty space within the body that is considered to be very yin, or cold.


  • Placenta is lightly steamed prior to dehydration

  • Placenta fully dehydrated at 145 degrees

  • Dehydration takes approx. 6-9 hours

  • The Gentle method offers a very gradual energy and hormone release. This method yields the least number of capsules due to steaming beforehand. Due to the high dehydration temperature, there is greater protection against bacteria.

  • Average yield: 138 capsules*


Placenta Encapsulation Packages

We travel to you, so our price for Placenta Encapsulation depends upon travel distance from our nearest available specialist and ranges from $325-399.

*Book services prior to your final month of pregnancy for a lower cost for services.

We encourage you to book services anytime between the 13th and the 35th week of pregnancy.

Bump.Baby.Bliss. specialists are able to service large areas throughout North Carolina (as well as South Carolina and Virginia area). Services outside of a 30 mile radius will require overnight mailing.

The Ultimate Postpartum Recovery 


Placenta Encapsulation

Tincture or Salve

Placenta Prints


Pure Bliss!


Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Prints


Mommy MoMent 


Placenta Encapsulation

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